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I always have enjoyed the freedom and creativity that art brings to me through expressionism abstract.

It leaves the viewer to see what they want to; it’s never the same for each person. It’s diverse and I like that as nothing stays the same.

My artistic process: I express myself with vibrant hues and dramatic texture on the canvas, I begin each piece by thinking about the colors I want to use. I visualize the composition and then make a quick sketch of it on paper or in my mind. Once that is established, I can’t wait to get to the canvas and begin the process of layering and combining the colors. I get lost and let my creativity lead me; time flies by as if it were standing still. Once I feel the piece is balanced, I leave it hanging on the wall and add more detail each day until I feel it’s complete.

It’s always about light and dark, and how they play off one another. It’s on my mind day and night until it’s finished; it consumes me.