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“Beauty will save the World”
—Fyodor Dostoyewsky,  “The Idiot”

As an engineer by training, scientist by choice and artist by passion, I am intrigued by the many ways these different areas complement each other and influence my creativity.

I was born and raised in a picturesque area in Northern Germany and believe it was this daily exposure to nature’s beauty and power that inspired my enthusiasm early on to draw, paint with watercolors and do nature photography. Once I discovered the abundance and beauty of abstract motives in our natural surroundings I started exploring abstract digital photography.

Inspired by music, meditation and spirituality I now create abstract images with colors and light shapes becoming the main ‘subject matter’. My camera usually does the main work and I process the resulting images with very little computer editing. This unique photographic technique is a fluid process, which often feels to me like painting with a camera.

My goal is to create interesting and well-balanced compositions, which engage the viewer and encourage reflection and curiosity. I have been exhibiting in the Santa Barbara area since 2012. My pictures are available as museum quality prints on metal, acrylic or paper in small, medium and large sizes.

As a main influence I would like to mention the work of the light artist James Turrell, whose main objectives are the systematic combination of light and space and opening up new horizons of perception and meaning. (James Turrell: Geometry of Light, 2009).