I have been painting, sculpting, drawing and appreciating art since the age of 12. My early training was mostly built around representational forms, but I quickly became interested in surrealism and absurdism. For the past 10 years, I have focused on abstract forms of expression because I find that the representation of the inner mind is vastly more intriguing than artistic representations of the exterior world.

The modern world of rules, laws and social constructs seems entirely inorganic and sterile at times to me. For this reason, I believe that my art originates from a very primal place where concrete and rational thoughts are forbidden. Through textural media, I attempt to create a 3-D abstract world on a 2-D surface as a means of communicating themes of evolution, expansion and light. My hope is that my 3-D creations will entice the viewer to look at and consider them from a multitude of angles instead of just head on.

Some of my current artistic influences include JMW Turner, Salvador Dali, Roberto Matta, Paul Klee, Sam Francis, HAP Grieshaber and Jasper Johns.