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“You are not afraid of using color.”

This is usually the first thing said when someone sees my art. I take it as a compliment. I love color. The brighter and more saturated the better. I’m also fascinated by texture. My paintings and collages explore both.

My first step to making art is always playing with colors until I come up with a combination I’d like to explore. Then painting with acrylics gives me immediate satisfaction. I can work fast, let it dry, make changes or start on another one.

After picking colors, my collages begin with painting acrylics on glass. Next I turn the glass over and underneath I experiment with textures such as yarn, fabric, wallpaper, images, etc.

Collage is a slower process but also engaging since the possibilities are so plentiful. I know my collage is finally finished when I think, “I’d like to hang that on my wall.”

Inspiration hits me many times a day, usually when I’m outside. Flowers, trees, beaches, swimming pools, sunsets and hikes all make me want to grab my markers or pastels to sketch out the colors and shapes.