The evolution of my artwork over seven decades reflects my profound and passionate reaction to life—a reaction which induces a psychological motivation encouraging me to create art. My continual search for new means to self-express and challenge popular perception makes it all the more exciting. More recently, in this age of mechanical reproduction, technological alienation, and human deterioration, responding to surrounding occurrences through my art is imperative for me as it is one way in which I stay in touch with humanity.

My creative appetite transcends category, subject matter, and style while examining the intersection of ideas and concepts across a variety of mediums: drawing, painting, handmade paper, sculpture, photography, without hesitation to apply various intriguing elements.

During a trip to Japan, I worked and learned the art of handmade papermaking—‘washi’—a craft that Japanese artisans have been doing for hundreds of years. This experience nurtured my passion to explore Japanese culture and aesthetics and has since become a major focus in my creative life. It inspired the creation of a series of geometric constructions that play with form, light, shadow and sound.

My four works of art shown here offer a glimpse of my methodology from realism to abstraction. While viewing my extensive collection of work on my website and reading my in-depth examinations of my art and sources, it is apparent that my work explodes in riotous form and gently suggests a quiet reverie as Japanese aesthetics has directly impacted my life.