“Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”
— Pablo Picasso

I have been making art all my life, but have only been working professionally for about 40 years. I have work in private and public collections, including the University of Minnesota, Honeywell Corporation, and Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance Corporation. I have been represented by galleries in Minneapolis, Chicago, and San Francisco. I currently live in Santa Barbara, California with the man I love and a Siamese cat named Mika.

My art is the messy culmination of a messy thinking process. I start with an idea, a vague concept, a symbol perhaps, sometimes iconic but often meaningless, just something to hang the composition on. I scribble it out, then fill it in. I work eraser, scraper, and fixative into the surface of the drawing, building up layers of heavy pastel, colored pencil, acrylic paint, stamped, cut or stenciled shapes, and textures sculpted with gel medium. I often glue objects such as beads to the surface. I am not wed to shape or size. I will cut into, add onto, or rearrange pieces of a drawing until something clicks. What clicks is completely accidental. Invariably, the drawings dictate their own terms. If I’m lucky, art comes out at the end.

p: 805-680-6214
e: ladollison@gmail.com
w: www.art.ladollison.com