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282 N San Mateo Ave
Ventura, CA 93004
p: 805 647-9838


The process of creating for me is both exploration and expression. Sometimes my images tell stories that I hear for the first time when I see the completed work. As I live I have more stories to discover and tell. My art flows out of me unrelenting and stubbornly assertive. I can’t force myself to create; it forces me to do what I must.

I am most interested in exploring color in composition, although I can get quite excited about form alone. Whether in printmaking, acrylic on canvas, or water media on paper, my esthetics prefer not to be restricted to media, theme, or style.

I don’t fully control my images; my work ends up being about whatever is real and present in my life at the moment. I do use structure in composition, but as the image develops unplanned changes and surprise elements happen within the whole “self-medium-support” creative entity. Sometimes a moment happens when “I” can observe the process and seem not be part of it. This is the most exciting.