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I was born in Germany, raised and educated in Israel, and attained my MS degree in Physical Chemistry in Jerusalem. Invited by a Maryland R&D company in ’74, I enjoyed an exciting 30 year career in scientific research development and marketing until I retired in Pasadena in 2005. My first real exposure to art was an Abstract Art show at the Tel Aviv Art Museum when I was 23. It was a transforming experience. It sparked a great desire to paint some day.

A window display of young art students, some 30 yrs later, inspired me to sign up for basic drawing and painting classes which I continued taking intermittently as time allowed. Upon my retirement, we moved to Ventura County and it was finally time to realize my dream and devote more time to painting, learning, and experimenting with various media. Initially the images acquired while traveling inspired a series of landscapes and portraits, however, with time, the shapes colors, spaces, and memories have become a source for less literal, abstract and nonobjective paintings, the art form which inspired me some 40 years ago.