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“As we move through life, the feelings become more intense and the ideas become more abstract.”
— Connie Mississippi

Connie Mississippi was born in the Mississippi Delta. She moved to New York City where she lived for ten years. During that time she received an M.F.A. in painting and art history from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.

After moving to Los Angeles, Mississippi was painting on shaped three dimensional canvases and realized that she was making painted sculptures rather than paintings. She became interested in the lathe as a tool for making sculpture. Much of the wood available was too small in diameter to do what she wanted to with the sculptures, so she started laminating large pieces of Baltic birch plywood that she could turn on the lathe.

Today the artist’s work is both two and three dimensional. Shifting from one plane to another, she may choose to laminate and carve a large “X” representative of an angelic form, or paint a “Tree of Life” using methods from illustrated manuscripts. Her latest works make reference to an “essential tremor” which she developed and has affected the kind of work she is able to make.

The artist’s life is more contemplative now although no less inquisitive and eager to explore new realms. She enjoys reading, yoga, painting and writing.