“Age quod agis”
— Latin Proverb

Chad Avery recently took up painting tools to enlarge and expand the scope of his graphic abstractions. At first experimenting digitally with color, shape and symbols, the time eventually came to push designs to levels that would be naturally extracted from new artistic processes. Many abstractions now await physical creation on canvas, wood, plastic and metal. A self-taught artist, Chad’s interests span the abstract time line, from prehistoric art and Post-Impressionism to Concrete art and the Bauhaus, along with Asia and America’s plentiful interpreters. He is currently experimenting with media and materials to create different textures that can be combined with hard-edge acrylic, and is in the process of transferring abstract-inspired graphics to wearable goods.

Having originally studied philosophy and world history before focusing on visual projects, Chad’s other actions include several sociological essays and a soon-to-be-released science fiction thriller.