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My goal for my art is to express emotion, interpret beauty, or to comment about life and humanity. Whether reminiscent of an earthly place, abstracted floral or figurative work, or a non-representational abstract; imagination and emotion provide the inspiration. Vibrant, sometimes saturated color, light and shadow, shape, line, and contrast are my primary tools.

I paint bold, vivid, colorful, and  intense expressionist landscapes, florals, abstract figurative work and non-representational abstracts mostly in acrylic…from imagination, dreams, and emotions. The palette I used is a little different from the traditional color wheel in that it is based on the Munsell color system used in inkjet printers. I have been actively painting and studying art since 2009 when I began my training under several local and internationally renowned artists including Carolyn Counnas, Robert Burridge, and Nathan Fowkes. I have completed course work at the California Art Institute in Westlake Village, CA, the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, and the Kline Academy of Fine Art in Los Angeles and I continue to study painting in classes and workshops from artists whose work I admire.